As the legend goes, there was a guy from Italy that started the Pomodoro Method. Francisco Cirillo was a college student who struggled with his course work.  Sitting down to study, read and write for the college classes he was taking seemed like drudgery. He was on the verge of failing and stumbled on a technique that worked for him. If he set his timer for just 25 minutes, he could sit, focus, and work through his course work. He found if he set the timer four times and took breaks in between, he could get a lot done. That’s how the Pomodoro Method got started.

Cirillo had one timer, in the shape of a tomato. Tomato in Italian is Pomodoro. Let’s break down the Tomato Method.


For nearly three years I’ve been working on growing my business. There have been some fantastic moments and some heartache too. When I first started out, I worked with several business coaches. Usually I think I’m coach-able, this time I didn’t listen. My business coach said it would take 16 to 18 months to get traction on my business. I baulked. It couldn't take that long! Yep! He was right. I was so ready to throw in the towel and give up. Glad that I persevered. Here are some other mistakes I made.

It’s a feeling of overconfidence, ‘I got this, this is going to be easy’ then the doubt starts to creep in. ‘I’m running out of time, what if it doesn’t go well.’ Then the anxiousness starts to appear. I get worried and fearful. Those feelings bring on the flood of overwhelm and I start to feel out of control and smothered by the looming deadline. This is what happens when I procrastinate. What happens to you?

You may feel alone in procrastinating, like you’re the only one but you’re not. The University of Calgary did a study and found one in five people are chronic procrastinators. That number is probably higher when you remove the ‘chronic’ and add in the everyday.

Rarely do we gravitate to paper and pen these days. So many of us grab our tablet or ipad and start typing. That’s why it’s important when you’re heading out to a meeting and you do reach for a notebook that it looks and feels great. At your meeting, when you pull out your old school notebook you want to make sure it’s professional with a great look, maybe even with your branding colors this can make a great first impression. A client asked me for some information on different journals they could purchase. I’ve added in the pros and cons of each one and where to find them. Here were my suggestions:

One of my last presentations touched upon the isolation a small business owner feels during the day to day work. Someone after the talk came up to me and said “That isolation you were talking about, WOW! That’s real! It happens to me all the time. Thanks for sharing those tips.”

What does community and connection have to do with productivity? Studies show that if you have a strong community of people who support you, you foster good health, less stress and fewer mistakes on the job. Here are three ways you can beat isolation in your office and as a solo business owner. Check out the video at the end.