If you are one of my clients, have heard me speak, or read prior posts, you know that I'm an advocate for shutting off notifications. And what do others in the small business arena say? You would think that a Social Media Expert would say to stay connected but Giselle Aguiar of AZ Social Media Wiz suggests shutting off notifications too! Here you can learn three ways to create silence and stop the noise. 

Margo Brown--Productivity Coach


Ding! Brrring! Tada! Whatever noise your mobile device makes when you get a notification can drive you crazy! Even wake you up at night!

Stop the Madness!

Here are three quick fixes to tame the bells & pop-ups:


Vision boards can be an amazing way to visualize your future. It is a pictorial view of your goals and dreams. But there has to be some action around the pictures you paste up on your board or they become just that--pictures. A vision board is a visual starting point to where you want to be and go.  You have to be clear on the action you need to take to reach those dreams. What can you do with your vision board so you can be successful?

Vision boards can be a powerful way to put goals and pictures that represent them together. The pictures don't have to represent the true image of what you want. It can be a feeling, as Selina Schuh explains in this guest blog about creating vision boards. Scroll down to the last paragraph to learn how you can create a vision board for yourself.

Margo Brown

Productivity Coach

I have always really wanted to go to Hawaii. I had never been and the idea of spending time on a tropical beach seemed luxurious. I didn’t quite know when I could go or where the money would come from, so I started by gathering breathtaking images of Hawaii. Where would those images take me? 

Recently I was in a fender bender. All is well, no one was hurt and there wasn’t any damage to the cars involved. I was on my way to an event and coming from a session with a client. Someone not paying attention to the road, hit me from behind and pushed me into another car. It was more of a nuisance than anything else. And I wanted to share with you that in the event of an accident there is a lot to learn about productivity and ways to apply it to your workday.

March is National Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Month. Many of my clients have ADD or ADD like symptoms. This month Peggy Barber of Good Thinking shares tools and techniques you can use when you feel distracted. Although her tips are for those with ADD, it can be helpful for anyone dealing with distractions in their office. 

Margo Brown
Productivity Coach

It’s a busy world we live in. There are so many things to distract us from what we need to be doing. A lot of people comment that “everyone has ADD.”  This is definitely not true. Many of us with the diagnosis wish everyone did. How different things would be! We would never be misunderstood or thought of as flaky, selfish or careless.