Michael LaCava

Margo started out helping me with basic organizing solutions for my office and it has grown to much more than that. She helped implement systems in the office that allow me to think more freely and concentrate more on business growth more effectively. I highly recommend you put her to work for you.

Michael LaCava
Real Estate Investor and Real Estate Investing Coach at House Flipping School


Standolyn Robertson

Margo is a friend, colleague and fellow NAPO chapter board member. She is dependable, honest, trustworthy and professional. I routinely refer work to her because I know that her work ethic and job knowledge are both outstanding. When it was time for me to downsize to a condominium, Margo was the professional organizer I hired to help our family have a smooth transition.

It’s an honor to write this recommendation for Margo Brown. She is a top-notch professional organizer.

Standolyn Robertson
President at Things In Place Organizing Services and Owner, Things In Place Organizing Services


I needed to find a better way to work; my work/life balance was becoming more and more unbalanced. Margo and I tackled the flow of work for the office, including staff development and client service and integrating personal needs. We meet regularly- alone and with my staff. There have been radical changes in the way we work and our productivity has been greatly enhanced continued ability to meet us where we are is uncanny. Margo is an expert at what she does – it’s a gift. Ellen M. Bruno 

Compliance Advisor Professionals, LLC


Susan CradallThree little words I thought I would never hear? YOU ARE ORGANIZED. But I hear them all the time since I started working with Margo. Margo's expertise, patience, and supportive style have helped me develop and maintain systems to keep my home and office in shape. Margo tailors her recommendations based on my working and living style. Getting organized is like Getting organized is like starting an exercise program - it can be tough at first but once you get in the habit the results are worth it! Susan R. C., PhD
Workforce Development Strategist


Michelle Hantman

Margo consulted for the United Way in 2 capacities: 1) as a trainer for the GO System 2) hands on with a staff member

The GO Systems training was a great perk for our employees. It was a great team building experience for our staff and we were all able to take something from the training to make us more efficient.

Margo was patient and understanding as she worked with our staff member who needed hands on organizing help at her desk. The workspace was overloaded with paper. At first, our staff member was a bit resistive to the process. However, Margo was quickly able to turn her around so that she recognized the benefits of being organized. Our staff member has been able to maintain her orderly workspace through the work she has done with Margo

Michelle Neves Hantman
President at United Way of Greater New Bedford



"I have emptied out the top of the filing cabinet so it is free. Even better, I cleaned off all the piles on my desk at work and have a clear desk for the first time in a long time. I have some filing to do but it was able to purge most of it. All I can think about is piles of indecision, this is not what I want for me.Thanks for your help, I am not only getting more organized but more importantly, you have helped me shift my perspective on the benefits of becoming a more organized person." Steve Kennedy


Norman Gauthier

In working with Margo I got to know how seriously she takes her work and how committed she is to helping her clients improve their work/life balance by improving their organization and time management skills. The process she uses is good, but it's the amount of effort and care she puts into it that makes the difference for the people who choose to learn from her. If you are genuinely tired of the day to day struggle of trying to get organized, and continue to blame everyone else for the pressure your under...take a moment and call Margo. You may be a person who can benefit from one of her seminars or one-to-one work she does.

Norman Gauthier
Business Coach and Management Consultant


"Meeting with Margo was probably the most productive thing I have done for my professional (and personal!) life. She helped me to analyze everything I was doing to manage all of my projects, emails, calls, documents, to-do lists, calendars and ideas in a way that was patient, observant and non-judgmental. It was great to have someone guide me on setting goals according to my vision of success and help me create an outline on how I wanted to improve; she really put me at ease about the whole process. Each session with her made me feel lighter and less anxious about things falling through the cracks.

In the beginning, I was very apprehensive about opening up the chaos of my to-do list to her, but once we set expectations and started going through everything bit by bit, all apprehensiveness vanished. She asked insightful questions that made me come around to my own answers and her suggestions made immediate improvements. I was shocked at how simple organizational change could be, and it didn’t hurt a bit! I continue to use her suggestions every day and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of even the tiniest bit of organizational clarity and sanity. You’ll look forward to meeting with Margo!"

Margaree Bigler
Devour Phx Coordinator, Local First Arizona


“Working with Margo was a real game changer for me. Productivity is one of those things that you will never improve on without really investing in it—and who takes the time to read up on the latest strategies for email management and task prioritization? Well, Margo does! And I truly believe this was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my professional development.

We worked out all the barriers to productivity I was experiencing, we identified organization systems that worked for ME and my needs, and then we developed new tools and routines to help me complete my work with greater focus and efficiency. I have been practicing Margo’s innovative strategies for a while now, and not only can I see a huge change in my work outcomes, I am also able to feel a sense of relief, because I know I’m meeting my deadlines and I’m producing generally higher-quality work.”

Steve Russell
Local Foods Coordinator, Local First Arizona


"Productivity strategies aren’t something that I have talked about with other people in the past, so this was a whole new experience for me. I’m glad I did it though, and it was great to have someone to talk to and really hash out what was working for me and what wasn’t.

Margo helped me understand where my strong points are and address where I face challenges and how to best confront those challenges. She thought to ask all the right questions to really pinpoint the right things, all while focusing on making sure that I was happy with the decisions we were making. If you’re facing difficulties with organization or getting tasks done, I highly recommend at least one session with Margo, she’ll change your life!"

Erica Pederson
Communications Director, Local First Arizona


“Never having worked with a productivity coach before, I was unsure how much I would get out of these sessions. But after our very first meeting, I knew this was going to be a valuable experience. Margo helped find tips that work for me and taught me practical ways to approach my workload. I now have a clear picture of how to get things done and feel much less overwhelmed. I’d highly recommend productivity sessions with Margo!”

Helene Tack
Program Development Director, Local First Arizona


“Prior to working with Margo, I had a broken organizational system and often felt overwhelmed by projects and tasks. I knew my methods had to change, but was unable to find the right solutions.

Working with Margo is great! Through her coaching, it is you who are finding the solutions, rather than having the answer given to you. This guiding has enabled me to retain an organizational system that works with my learning strategy. She goes beyond the day-to-day issues at work and takes a more holistic approach, ensuring your strategy remains in place. I am now able to schedule my day, prioritize to get more done, and am more productive without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a change I thought was never going to happen!”

Kendall Crever
Events & Volunteer Coordinator, Local First Arizona



"Working with Margo has made me more effective in staying organized, and more effective in getting organized when I have a slip up. When I fall behind in my email, I now know how to get into a mode where I can catch up. In the past when I would fall behind in email, I would eventually just throw away hundreds of emails because they would eventually be months out of date anyway.

Margo is an effective mentor, trainer, and consultant. She has a clear understanding of what organizational systems are out of order, and how a person might be feeling about their organization, and how the two are wired together. She has the ability to be insightful, firm, and compassionate in a very enrolling and effective manner."

Matthew Winston 




 "Before my session with you I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to close the door an avoid it!! During the session, I felt that you could help me clear a path and bring calm vs. chaos. When the session was over I felt good about what we had accomplished and ready and able to finish the project."





 "As a growing professional services firm, we have often found ourselves in need of assistance sorting through chaos and disorganization of a very busy office. Margo has 'saved the day' on many occasions. Margo provided us with the GO Systems Training, and it has been a catalyst for change. Many of the client service, office, and other operational procedures we have implemented have been directly or indirectly attributed to our work with Margo. We have seen tremendous improvement in the way we run our business; the office runs more efficiently and profits are increasing. Margo is truly an expert in her field; kind, insightul and firm. We highly recommend Margo's services to any firm who can benefit from a more organized office."

Christy Cunningham
Senior Vice President



"You have been an immense help to me. This project is big and while it's important to clear space in my life, it is a lot of work. I appreciate your calm, methodical approach, and it has been sustaining me as I encounter challenges along the way. It's all part of the experience and it's good to be moving through it.

H. C.  
Boston, MA