Gain the business skills and productivity tools that give you personalized systems to learn, change and control your workflow.

Margo Crawford Productivity Coaching
Margo Crawford Productivity Coaching
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Feeling unfocused, overextended, and unproductive? Many people live in a sea of conflict while haphazardly trying to fill all the roles in their lives. You may feel that you are succeeding in one area of your life while the other priorities wash away and you under perform. Working with the Wave Productivity coaching services, you will learn techniques and skills to apply to your work.


Information management, setting goals and boundaries to overcoming barriers.


Make positive changes in your focus, organization, and business productivity.


Your day and have better days at work.

Together, we can create a work environment that cultivates key productivity principles which incorporates tools and techniques to help you become more productive and organized.


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ASSESS >> Margo will schedule an hour for your initial assessment. This time allows for a thorough discussion of your needs, your goals, and the most efficient ways to address them.

ACT >> Together we tackle your challenges to boost your productivity.

FOCUS >> In our work, you become independent and maximize your productivity on every level.

ORGANIZE >> At the end of each session, you will know where everything is and how to move forward.

PRODUCE >> Margo will teach you the skills and tools needed to be more productive and get things done.


While we create easy lasting systems, some clients prefer to meet with us regularly. These maintenance and 1:1 mentoring sessions provide our clients with the opportunity to catch up on lingering projects and assess how well the system is working or how it might be improved.

Margo Crawford, Productivity Coach teaches you the skills and tools that give you personalized systems to learn, change and control your workflow. You are not alone in feeling unfocused, overextended, and unproductive.

Learn new behaviors, set goals and boundaries, and overcome barriers with non-traditional, creative techniques and workplace ideas. By doing this, you enrich your life and produce improved performance at work. By enhancing your skills, you enhance your confidence.

You can gain control of your work-your time, focus, email, and information. You can create goals that are achievable and meaningful. You can become more focused on the things that are important to you and live a grounded, centered, and thoughtful life.