Team building and productivity are a key to your business success.

Margo is experienced and trained in many different methodologies enabling her to create tailored solutions for her audiences and individual clients. They report a dramatic increase in productivity, well-being and perform at a higher level. People walk out of her workshops, conferences, and coaching sessions with a sharper focus, better tools, and a clear direction on work and life.

Interested in having Margo present to your team.


Invest in productivity tools and tips for your team so they are successful. These presentations will leave your staff with clear techniques they can implement immediately.

Margo Crawford has been presenting productivity techniques to businesses and organizations for over 12 years. The benefits of a presentation include:

    • Improving your focus
    • Maximizing your time
    • Working at your peak performance
    • Having better days at work


  • Prioritize Your To Do List: Don’t Let Your Tasks Own You
  • Life Outside Your Inbox: Email Management
  • Procrastination: Gain Control of Your Work and Business
  • The Secrets of Being Powerfully Productive
  • Meeting Time Wasters: Improve Efficiency In Your Meetings
  • Time Management: Don’t Wonder Where the Day Went