5 Productivity Myths Busted




a widely held but false belief or idea.

There are so many false beliefs and ideas about productivity. Let’s take the time to bust them wide open and get to the truth. Productivity myths can hold us back. They stop us from linking back into the true reality of our work. Breaking them down sets us free. Here are a few myth busters…



Henry Rollins was the lead singer of the band Black Flag. The band staked their claim in the world of punk rock in the mid-80’s. In the early 90’s I was lucky enough to see Rollins perform and briefly met him after the show. Back then, I was star struck. A few months ago, I went to see Henry Rollins perform storytelling and spoken word. Giving readers a different spin from an unlikely source, let’s look at what Rollins said in his talk and apply it to productivity so that you can be a Rockstar at work.



This article was written with Certified Public Accountants in mind. There is such great information, these are tips everyone can use at their desk and in their office to become more productive. We are all pushing papers around a cluttered desk. If information doesn't litter our desks then chances are they litter our desktop computer. You needn't struggle with time management, paper management, your emails and your workday. Here are five productivity secrets everyone should know. 


Several years ago there were studies done on goal setting and their effects on the workplace. In these studies, researchers found that goal setting wasn’t as powerful as once thought. Goals lead to a variety of unhealthy thoughts and actions like unethical behavior and demotivation. Think Volkswagen getting cars off the assembly line for sale knowing they had emissions issues. They also found people would be so focused on their goals that they would neglect other activities and tasks that were important to their work. Then once a goal was completed, the actions that got someone on a successful path the goal along with it’s actions were abandoned. Each January for the past two years, I have discussed the importance of goal setting. Maybe I was wrong about goal setting…




It’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day on Monday January 9th! It’s the designated day you walk into your office and say ‘this is the day I’m going to get my office clean.’ You roll up your sleeves, then a few emails arrive, you take a phone call, you search around for that document-did you print it out or is it somewhere on your computer? And before you know it, it’s time to call it a day.

Here are some tips to clearing off your desk and staying productive during your workday: