Studies show that taking a vacation can increase productivity, workplace morale, employee retention, and boost your happiness. Go away, get out of dodge and enjoy some time away from the office. Here is a checklist to prepare for vacation and get out of town in a quick efficient way.

How did most of these make it to the checklist? Some of them happened to my clients. Coming home to a runny faucet-yes. Leaving for an international trip without a passport-yes. Overdue book fine from the library that was more than $100-yes. Use this checklist to help get you ready for your vacation.

Many wonderful things happen when you hire a Productivity Coach. I love making lists so here’s a list of the top 30 things that happen when you hire a Productivity Coach. For most people, number 1 and number 28 are really important. The last four on the list really sum it up for having a good life.

1. You increase your profits-significantly. Like double!

2. You’re more connected to your customers and clients.

3. You get stuff DONE.

4. You have a place for everything and everything in its place.

5. You clearly prioritize your work.

If you are one of my clients, have heard me speak, or read prior posts, you know that I'm an advocate for shutting off notifications. And what do others in the small business arena say? You would think that a Social Media Expert would say to stay connected but Giselle Aguiar of AZ Social Media Wiz suggests shutting off notifications too! Here you can learn three ways to create silence and stop the noise. 

Margo Brown--Productivity Coach


Ding! Brrring! Tada! Whatever noise your mobile device makes when you get a notification can drive you crazy! Even wake you up at night!

Stop the Madness!

Here are three quick fixes to tame the bells & pop-ups:


Vision boards can be an amazing way to visualize your future. It is a pictorial view of your goals and dreams. But there has to be some action around the pictures you paste up on your board or they become just that--pictures. A vision board is a visual starting point to where you want to be and go.  You have to be clear on the action you need to take to reach those dreams. What can you do with your vision board so you can be successful?