Each coaching and in person session is tailored to you. We will work together, as you learn, change and control your work. As coaching progresses, you will develop skills that enable you to stay organized and productive. You’ll be able to find all the information you need and have clarity on your next actions.

Where most people see a mess, Margo sees the possibilities available by becoming more productive and organized. It can be difficult to ask for help and support. Taking the step towards productivity coaching takes courage. We are continually awed by our clients who advance with their own projects and goals.

No. We work side-by-side with you and support your decision making process. We will ask you questions that help you clarify what you want to do next and how to move forward.

Although technology can help improve productivity, it can also hinder it. It is the behaviors that you create that make you more organized and productive, not the technology.

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Appointments include regularly scheduled appointments, emergency sessions, as well as reoccurring appointments. Coaching can be done over the phone or in a virtual meeting.

There are 5 call and 10 call coaching call packages. In person sessions are also available.

Margo Crawford of Wave Productivity has studied productivity, organizing and information management since 2003. She has attended numerous seminars and training’s. She graduated with her masters from Simmons School of Social Work. Margo values education and learning new approaches. In doing so, she can pass on needed productivity principles and skills to clients.

Her training includes:

  • C.P.C-Certified Productivity Coach, Institute of Applied Coaching
  • Specialist Certificate in Workplace Productivity, NAPO
  • Certified Trauma Support Specialist
  • Certified GO Systems Trainer
  • Certified Paper Tiger Consultant
  • David Allen’s Getting Things Done Seminar
  • David Allen’s Road Map Seminar
  • Evernote Community Leader
  • National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Conference- 2015, 2014, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
  • NAPO Professional Organizers 101
  • National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization classes

Her work includes:

Presenter at the 2006 NAPO Conference
Coauthor of the book Exploring Productivity
Behind the Scenes Organizing and Support for A&E Hoarders Season 8 Episode 15

She is a member of:

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Organizers for Charity

Leadership Rhode Island Class of 2020 Pi II

Groundwork New Bedford

Supply RI

Social Enterprise Greenhouse

Our specialty is working with Certified Public Accountant’s, C-Level Executives and Serial Entrepreneurs. Each one has different needs relating to productivity and the work that they do. There are a variety of clients beyond our target market that we work with to help them get focused, organized and productive.

Working with these specific groups of professionals allows for a deeper understanding of their work. It also means that together, we can drive our coaching to successful outcomes in an efficient way.

It is a goal of Wave Productivity, that no one struggle through their workday. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your productivity challenges.

  • Time Management
  • Email Management
  • Workload Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Speaking and Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Making Meetings More Productive
  • Organizing paperwork, desks, file cabinets
  • Organizing documents on computers
  • How to Delegate
  • How to Track Delegation
  • Setting Up Processes
  • Task prioritization
  • Mind-mapping and Brainstorming
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Managing staff and teams effectively

Productivity Coaching will help you:

  • Ensure that time spent at work is quality, productive time
  • Decrease productivity killing stress and anxiety
  • Improve ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Stay accountable on tasks to move your work forward
  • Improve ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • Increase employee contribution to bottom-line results
  • Establish strong foundational habits
  • Process incoming items-email, voicemail, texts, paper, and documents
  • Prioritize your workload
  • Effectively work from home or remotely
  • Management time effectively
  • Manage your tasks and projects
  • Implement techniques to improve your focus and clarity
  • Stop multitasking and start focusing
  • Gain tips on ways to maximize your time so you can be powerfully productive
  • Get to your peak performance at work
  • Understand personality and issues that impact workplace productivity

The bottom-line—you will learn to get more done!

We can help you acquire the skills and habits necessary to reap the rewards of being organized. Increase your profit, be more productive at work, find things you need when you need them, gain increased clarity, and focus, and improve the quality of your life.

We teach you the skills and tools that give you personalized systems to learn, change and control your workflow. You are not alone in feeling unfocused, overextended, and unproductive.

Learn new behaviors, set goals and boundaries, and overcome barriers with non-traditional, creative techniques and workplace ideas. By doing this, you enrich your life and produce improved performance at work. By enhancing your skills, you enhance your confidence.

You can gain control of your work-your time, focus, email, and information. You can create goals that are achievable and meaningful. You can become more focused on the things that are important to you and live a grounded, centered, and thoughtful life.

Margo is a fantastic advisor. She facilitates efficient discussions, is highly knowledgeable (c’mon, look at her credits!) and yet also exudes an extremely relatable groundedness. Her pedagogical approach is inclusive to different learning styles and she’s patient, which is necessary for such an intimate area of professional development. Also, she’s a surfer, which is pretty badass. I highly recommend Margo to anyone, whether you work for, are led by, or are yourself an entrepreneur. I work under the founder of a social impact startup as his executive assistant, and I watched a man with his head literally in his hands one night, transform into a man talking with his hands in the air, just from applying a framework for goal setting, which Margo taught us. Personally, Margo helped me recognize the best in me. During and after coaching sessions, I feel more confident and focused, emotionally, but also in the practical sense. For example, I have my goal setting worksheet on the wall to remind me that I’m working toward something great. I’m so grateful that my company incorporated Margo into our workforce development. This is the feeling of success.

-Luke Harper, Executive Assistant to Startup Founder

I was working from a home office as a territory manager at the time I met Margo, owner of Wave Productivity. We were both in a Bullock Training & Development Sandler Training program and I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork, email and desktop files I was accumulating and not organizing. Margo has an approach to consult, investigate and motivate positive change. I accomplished my organization goals and felt more productive. I am using those same skills in my new travel consulting business working in the same home office. Thank you Margo.

-Jerry Summers, Travel Engineer

“Working with Margo has been an inspiring and insightful process. I’ve talked with other professionals about my business and its development without the same results. Margo and I worked together to make my dreams a reality. Her style of working with business owners is focused, strategic, insightful, and brings the human aspect to running a business to the forefront.”

-Claudia Middendorf, Matilde

“Meeting with Margo was probably the most productive thing I have done for my professional and personal life. She helped me to analyze everything I was doing to manage all of my projects, emails, calls, documents, to-do lists, calendars and ideas in a way that was patient and observant. It was great to have someone guide me on setting goals according to my vision of success and help me create an outline of how I want to improve; she really put me at ease about the whole process. Each session with her made me feel lighter and less anxious about things falling through the cracks.

In the beginning, I was very apprehensive about opening up the chaos of my to-do list to her, but once we set expectations and stated going through everything bit by bit, all apprehensiveness vanished. She asked insightful questions that made me come around to my own answers and her suggestions made immediate improvements. I was shocked at how simple organizational change could be, and it didn’t hurt a bit! I continue to use her suggestions every day and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of even the tiniest bit of organizational clarity and sanity.”
–Margaree Bigler, Phoenix Museum of Art

“I wanted to thank Margo Crawford with Wave Productivity for all of the productivity coaching that you have helped me with in the past few weeks! I have started out in my business in March and by the time I found Margo, I was saying yes to everyone and was meeting people everyday all week. Margo told me that I need to have a day or 2 dedicated to client work only and the other days for meetings. This has helped me a great deal in saving time & money on gas – I have learned to be really productive in the 5 sessions I had with her! This was such a great experience! I recommend anyone that is lost and has so much to do where they don’t know where to start to contact Margo to get back to being productive.”
–Dolly Towne, Bookkeeping Towne

“Margo was recommended to me through a mentor of mine. I was blown away by our time working together. In our sessions, she really did help me find focus, organization, and increased productivity. I have gained valuable knowledge and resources to help me organize my digital and physical spaces to be the most productive.

I have been able to focus on the day’s tasks while also making sure to look ahead and prepare for the future. I’ve told her many times that when we are in our sessions, “it just feels like the answer comes so easily”. She is a true coach and encourages you to come to your answer with a little guidance along the way. I think differently now, I prepare for my week ahead and don’t feel like a crazy person all the time. Margo is AWESOME!”
—Roxy Helman, Communications Manager, United Dairymen of Arizona”

“I work out of my home office. As my business grows, it is more difficult to stay organized in our limited space. Determining to stay where we are to keep our costs low, I picked up the phone contacting Margo. After several sessions with her, I feel more in control of my business, while taking back my time and space. Instead of being overwhelmed, I am productive. I even managed to find time to read a few books for fun. My assistant Maria is happy too. She likes how she arrives to find her desk clean all the time, without my intruding her space. We go from organizing our space to organizing our computer and now onto organizing our calendar. Margo taught me to come up with a system supporting my growing business with limited resources. Margo is a true expert.”
—Roseline Cristanelli, Phoenix Public Library, REMAX Realtor

“On Nov. 7, there was a fire in my apartment building and I had to evacuate the next day. Everything from my personal items, decorations, and home office got thrown in bags and boxes. We took the office stuff to my training center, but then I didn’t know where to start. Fire or no, business had to go on. I could not function and I didn’t know where to start. I was overwhelmed. I called Margo who in a couple of hours, help me to methodically, go through one bag or box at a time, define each item and give it a purpose or action. When we were done, I could finally function! She is awesome! Nothing like being productive and being able to find things! Margo is very professional and I highly recommend her services.”
—Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

“Never having worked with a productivity coach before, I was unsure how much I would get out of these sessions. But after our very first meeting, I knew this was going to be a valuable experience. Margo helped find tips that work for me and taught me practical ways to approach my workload. I now have a clear picture of how to get things done and feel much less overwhelmed. I’d highly recommend productivity sessions with Margo!”
—Helene Tack, Local First Arizona

“Prior to working with Margo, I had a broken organizational system and often felt overwhelmed by projects and tasks. I knew my methods had to change but was unable to find the right solutions.

Working with Margo is great! Through her coaching, it is you who are finding the solutions, rather than having the answers given to you. This guiding has enabled me to retain an organizational system that works with my learning strategy. She goes beyond the day-to-day issues at work and tames a more holistic approach, ensuring your strategy remains in place. I am now able to schedule my day, prioritize to get more done, and am more productive without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a change I thought was never going to happen!”
—Kendall Jones, Special Events Manager, Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University

New Pathways for Youth is benefiting from her amazing services! Our staff are feeling great about the systems of productivity and efficiency that they’ve put in place with Margo‘s counsel.”

–Christy McClendon, Executive Director, New Pathways for Youth

“I have emptied out the top of the filing cabinet, so it is free. Even better, I cleaned off all the piles on my desk at work and have a clear desk for the first time in a long time. I have some filing to do but I was able to purge most of it. All I can think about is piles of indecision, this is not what I want for me. Thanks for your help, I am not only getting more organized but more importantly, you have helped me shift my perspective on the benefits of becoming a more organized person.”
–Steve Kennedy

Margo Crawford is a Productivity Coach with Wave Productivity and works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals to help them get more focused, organized and productive in their workplace. In 2006, Margo co-authored the book Exploring Productivity.

Team building and productivity training are a key to your business’ success. Combine the two for presentations that will leave your staff with clear techniques they can implement immediately. In person presentations and virtual webinars are available for small and large groups.

  • Do you want to work more productively and efficient?
  • Is it a constant struggle to keep up with an overfull email inbox?
  • Do you suffer from constant interruptions and can’t get things done?

Wave Productivity has been presenting productivity techniques to businesses for over 17 years. The benefits of a presentation include:

  • Implement techniques to improve your focus and clarity
  • Stop multitasking and start focusing
  • Gain tips on ways to maximize your time so you can be powerfully productive
  • Learn the tips and techniques to get you to your peak performance at work

List of topics:

Setting Goals That Work

Turn your vision into reality by setting goals that will motivate you to succeed. Learn to develop goals for your career and business. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set goals that are SMARTER and CLEAR
  • Motivate yourself to achieve goals
  • Effectively take action for a successful future

Creating a Vision Board for Your Goals

Create a vision board for your goals and learn ways you can act on the vision you have created. You will create:

  • Goals for your success
  • A vision board reflecting those goals
  • An action plan to move you forward

Life Outside the Inbox: Tips & Techniques for Email Management

Get out of your email inbox and back into life. One frequent complaint is the amount of emails we receive. Our inbox is constantly full and we don’t know how to handle it all. Learn techniques that will change the way you work:

  • The four things you need most to be productive in your workday
  • How to decrease emails by 50% 
  • A breakdown of email and the best ways to handle it
  • How to set parameters for email management

Managing Tasks Effectively: Taking You from Checklist to Done

You have a long list of tasks-how do you prioritize them? How can you get them all done? Learn how to tackle your ‘to-do’ list and manage tasks effectively. You’ll learn:

  • How to prioritize your work
  • Alternatives to list making
  • How to gain more control of your day

Time Management: Enhancing Your Personal Productivity

At the end of the day do you wonder where the time went? Feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you can’t get it all done? You’ll learn how to:  

  • Maximize your efficiency in your workday
  • Free up your time for priority tasks
  • Decrease your stress and feeling of being overwhelmed

Simplify Your Workday

Feeling drained with just too much work to do? Make positive changes to simplify the way you work. Use these techniques and begin having better days at work. This fun, team building workshop will help you:

  • Focus on what’s important
  • Enhance communication
  • Create an ideal day
  • Decrease stress

The Secret to Being Powerfully Productive

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you can’t get it all done? There is too much to do and not enough time to get it done.  Maximize your focus, energy and productivity. Learn strategies for being powerfully productive:  

  • Ways you can free up 6 weeks of time
  • Implement techniques to improve your focus and clarity
  • Stop multitasking and start focusing
  • Gain tips on ways to maximize your time 

Make Meetings More Productive

Meetings can be one of the biggest time wasters. Improve your efficiency in your next meeting. You’ll Learn:  

  • Effective ways to communicate
  • Facilitate a productive meeting
  • Free up time in your calendar

Procrastination: Gain Control of Your Workday

Eliminate roadblocks to your success and identify the distractions that hold you back. Learn how to gain peak performance in your work and business. Learn ways to:

  • Eliminate wasting time
  • Get more done
  • Leverage your procrastination

Productivity Hacks

Learn some quick hacks to boost your productivity and have better days at work. You know what holds you back, now learn the tools to break through to a more productive day. You’ll learn how to:

  • Reclaim your workday
  • Cut through the clutter
  • Focus on what’s most important

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Is your team producing at their maximum level? Not if they are dysfunctional. Learn specific actions you can take to create a strong team that can accomplish projects and tasks. Walk away with clear actions:

  • Identify keys issues with your team
  • Build trust
  • Ensure accountability
  • Delegate to get results

Time for Social Media

Overwhelmed learning how to use Facebook & LinkedIn for your business?
Frustrated that you can’t find enough time for social media? In this hands-on workshop you will leave knowing:

  • How to create your own unique Business Page
  • Ways to use Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your business
  • Maximize your time on social media

Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

Does it feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants? Does work comes so quickly that you are constantly putting out fires? Learn ways you can plan and prepare for the future so that your Non-Profit is successful. You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan and prepare for a successful year
  • Communicate to staff and board members
  • Expand and grow your Non-Profit
  • Stay in control of your workload

Delegation: How To

Ever feel like there is just too much work to do? You could delegate it but its just easier to do it yourself? Delegation is a delicate balance of workloads. There are ways you can best manage work, communicate it effectively and develop the strengths and talents of the people on your team. You’ll learn:

  • Ways to prioritize your tasks
  • 5 step process for delegating
  • How to track delegation without micromanaging

Thriving in a Remote Environment

Avoid the pitfalls of remote work by understanding the ways you can get more focused, organized and productive. The more stressed we become, the greater number of unhealthy choices we’re likely to make. Discover ways you can thrive while working remotely. You will learn:

  • Identify the productivity challenges you face
  • How to incorporate healthy productivity into your workday
  • Ways to decrease stress and increase motivation
  • Triumph in a Time of Trauma: Help Yourself and Coworkers to Become More Productive

     Have you or your coworkers experienced a traumatic event?

    • A life threatening illness
    • An unexpected sudden death
    • A violent act or dangerous event

    Does it feel like your spinning your wheels at work? Feeling

    • Unfocused
    • Disorganized
    • Exhausted

    Are you looking for ways to heal from a traumatic experience?

    • Create safety
    • Understand recovery
    • Restore relationships 

    Trauma effects millions of people each year. It results in people showing up disorganized and disgruntled. Learn the ways you can help yourself and coworkers triumph over trauma and become more productive. This webinar will help you: 

    • Understand how trauma effects: you, your employees and company culture
    • Tips on how to begin the conversation to help support coworkers and yourself
    • Techniques you can use to stay calm and be productive                   

    Margo Crawford has spoken for the following organizations:

    Feeling unfocused, overextended, and unproductive? You’re not alone. These days, we’re expected to deal with massive workloads, constant distractions, and competing work and life priorities.

    Gain control of your work—all the tasks, obligations, and emails you navigate every day—by gaining control of your life. We’ll help you set meaningful, achievable goals and focus on the things that matter to you. It’s not about getting work done, it’s about getting the important work done.

    Stop treading water and start making real progress. Margo will show you how.


    Every client is unique, and everyone’s situation is different. What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we create a personalized program for every client.

    Productivity coach Margo Crawford will work closely with you to set goals and boundaries, overcome your barriers to productivity, and help you develop new, healthy habits that will enrich your life and work. Through non-traditional, creative techniques and workplace ideas, you’ll learn to live a grounded, centered, and thoughtful life.

    When you work with Margo, she will:
    • Teach you the best-fit productivity practices and tools
    • Help develop your inner strengths and motivation
    • Provide game-changing techniques for getting things done
    • Keep you on track with ongoing accountability
    • Increase productivity
    • Decrease stress
    • Address lifestyle issues that are key to productivity
    • Break down the barriers that prevent healthy habits
    • Help you align your work with your values
    • Work to define and achieve your vision of success
    • Empowering you to having better days at work

    Above all, Margo will encourage you to be your best self, at work and at home.

  • Identify the productivity challenges you face
  • How to incorporate healthy productivity into your workday
  • Ways to decrease stress and increase motivation

  • “I started Wave Productivity to bring peace to places where others see chaos. Over the years of helping my clients become more organized and productive, I have developed a methodology that brings back that sense of love and inspiration they felt in the beginning. I want to take you back to that place, where you love the work you do and you feel in control.” – Margo Crawford

    Let’s get started today!