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Productivity Coaching Testimonials

Michael LaCava
“Margo started out helping me with organizing solutions for my office and it has grown to much more than that. She helped implement systems in the office that allow me to think more freely and concentrate more on business growth more effectively. I highly recommend you put her to work for you.”
Standolyn Robertson

“Margo is dependable, honest, trustworthy and professional. I know that her work ethic and job knowledge are both outstanding. Margo was the professional organizer I hired to help our family have a smooth transition. She is a top-notch professional organizer.”

Ellen M. Bruno

“I needed to find a better way to work; my work/life balance was becoming more and more unbalanced. We tackled the flow of work for the office, including staff development, client service and integrating personal needs. There have been radical changes in  our productivity, it has been greatly enhanced. Margo is an expert at what she does.”

Susan R. C., PhD


Margo’s expertise, patience, and supportive style have helped me develop and maintain systems to keep my home and office in shape. Margo tailors her recommendations based on my working and living style.”

Michelle Neves Hantman

“Margo was patient and understanding as she worked with our staff member. At first, our staff member was a bit resistive to the process. However, Margo was quickly able to turn her around so that she recognized the benefits of being organized.

Norman Gauthier

“I got to know how seriously Margo takes her work and how committed she is to helping her clients improve their work/life balance. The amount of effort and care she puts into her work makes a difference for her clients. If you are tired of the day to day struggle of trying to get organized, call Margo.”

Speaking Testimonials

Ann Gill

“Margo is a leader in the field of productivity. A captivating and inspirational speaker, she draws from a wide variety of experience to help create positive growth and change within individuals and the organizations in which they work. Margo connects with her audience. Her presentations are filled with exciting tools to use in everyday life.”

Jeremy Lindsey

“Margo is a rock star! She presented at our leadership retreats giving information on time management as a bridge to stress reduction in the workplace. Her preparation was meticulous and her words were thoughtful. The insight Margo provided has been beneficial and improved the outlook of leaders spanning multiple lines of business and at every level of our facility.”

Faustine Chan

“Margo has spoken at BBB Better Business Seminars and was fantastic! Attendees walked away with tools that they were able to implement in their life to be successful. When it comes to productivity, I would rank Margo as a 10 for her knowledge in helping people set goals to become successful.”