Just came across this great article on the signs that you may need a Productivity Coach. Whether it's overwhelm, missed deadlines or the feeling of dread when you sit down at our desk, know that you can get help to make work and life easier. 

5 Signs You Need a Productivity Coach

What do you struggle with at work? 


Sleep, hydration, walks, breaks--it's all in this video. Be one of the milion or so people to watch this quick video on ways you can increase your productivity. BuzzFeedBlue did a great job of it.


Recently, I’ve worked with several clients on reshaping their office. They wanted to make sure the branding of their company worked throughout the office setting. Everything from a workbag to the walls reflected the colors of the company branding. Ensuring the client and their office looked and felt amazing. 

Thinking of adding color to your office? The Container Store has some great products for the pop of color you might need. 

Standing Desks-The Fad and the Facts

Standing desks continue to gain popularity as studies have shown that sitting at work can increase a general feeling of overall sluggishness, a higher risk in disease and if that isn’t enough an increase in mortality. 

The research on the effects of a standing desk are still in the works. Here are the pros of a standing desk.  Researchers have found there is an overall increase in:

  • Alertness and mood
  •   Weight loss (Hello! You can burn up to 320 calories by standing at your desk!)
  • Good cholesterol
  • Overall health