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Are your goals SMARTER and CLEAR? Part 1


At this point in the year, you may already have your goals complete. You may have even used the SMART acronym to help create them:





Time bound

You can take it further, as using SMART doesn’t lend itself to helping you achieve your goals.

How do you get them SMART-ER?

For goal achievement, the odds aren’t good, over 60% of people who create goals ditch them in the first 30 days. In the first 6 months, about 48% of people put their goals aside and abandon them. Only about 8% of people who create goals make it through to the end of the year and succeed. There are some pieces missing by just using SMART. By using the SMART-ER acronym for goals you can get closer to reaching them.  What is the ER in SMARTER stand for?

The E stands for energize. If you don’t have excitement and an emotional connection with your goals you won’t be motivated to achieve them. It sounds really easy but it can be difficult especially when goals in the past didn’t work. Sometimes, the goals themselves push you way outside your comfort zone. One way to connect with the emotional piece of your goal is to visualize what success will look and feel like. An advantage to that is clearly seeing the action steps you need to take to make that goal a reality.

The R in SMARTER means for reevaluate. One important key step is making sure that you reevaluate your goals-checking to make sure you are on track. What are the ways that you can check your goals and make the needed changes in your behavior?

Did you set goals this year? Are they SMART? Do they need to be SMARTER?

You also need to make your goals CLEAR. That acronym will be discussed in our next blog.


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