Business Under Pressure with Margo Crawford Productivity Coach

Business Under Pressure

Business Under Pressure Episode #41

Everyone is talking about how to get more done, but is that true productivity? And is it sustainable? To truly be productive your need to look at all aspects of your life and prioritize what’s most important.

In this interview Margo and Lisa Kempton will discuss: Why prioritizing your own care must come first. How to establish boundaries within your daily tasks. Notice when your mindset holds you back.

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Who is Margo Crawford? Margo Crawford of Wave Productivity has the goal of creating thriving workspaces by increasing focus, productivity, and success. She works with clients to create creative, effective solutions for their life and work. Her business, Wave Productivity has helped many professionals create and sustain a productive work environment. Margo enjoys being a part of creating and sharing in the success of her clients, from paper and email management to information flow and productivity. Applying her wisdom and her practical advice she is able to create systems to meet the unique needs of her clients. Margo is experienced and trained in many different methodologies enabling her to create tailored solutions for each individual.

Why you should you work with Margo? With 17 years in the productivity and organizing industry and countless hours of training, I can help clients become more focused, organized, and productive in their workday. In 2006, I co-authored the book ‘Exploring Productivity’. The Wave Productivity blog has won numerous awards for content and quality.

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