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Color-What the Container Store Has to Offer

Branding For Your Office

Recently, I’ve worked with several clients on reshaping their office. They wanted to make sure the branding of their company worked throughout the office setting. Everything from a work-bag to the walls reflected the colors of the company branding. Ensuring the client and their office looked and felt amazing.

Thinking of adding color to your office? The Container Store has some great products for the pop of color you might need.


Bisley file cabinets are made to last. The drawers glide open and closed. All the models have a secure lock for document safety. They used to be limited in color, but you can see in the picture, you can choose the color that’s right for you.


Bigso boxes are great for housing cords and papers. Stackable in/out boxes are perfect to have on your desk top. Made in Sweden, these boxes are durable and sturdy with so many colors to choose from.



You want your company and your style to shine through at your desk. Liven your workspace up with the branding colors you love. Pencil cups, magazine holders, paper trays all come in a rainbow of colors.


Smaller trinkets like tape, paperclips, and post-its can all be in your brand color. Several clients bought file folders in the blues and greens they love. Small things can make a big difference in the way you feel and work around your office.


You want to feel great when you walk to your desk or in your office. What would you need to make the space feel fantastic? A complete overhaul? Or just a small tweak?




Whether you need color or calm in your office, Margo Brown, Productivity Coach and Professional Organizer can work with you to create a work space that you love. Have a desk filled with paper and unable to find what you need? Contact Margo at [email protected]