Get On Track Together- An Accountability Group


Do you struggle with getting things done?

Are you feeling unfocused in your workday?

Can’t seem to prioritize what’s important?

You are not alone in feeling unfocused and unproductive. Getting on track together is what you need right now. You don’t need to do your work alone and in isolation. Get the support you need to keep going throughout the day. Get your work done with the guidance of a Productivity Coach  and with a supportive group of colleagues. This accountability group will provide you with the tools to keep you on track to achieve success with your monthly membership.


With every membership you will receive:

  • Daily check-ins to prioritize your tasks
  • Productivity Power Hour-daily group work time on zoom
  • Worksheets to track your actions and successes
  • Motivation and excitement for your work projects
  • Quarterly goal setting
  • Increased productivity
  • Decrease stress
  • Better days at work and…

The support you need to get your work done.


Joining the Get On Track Accountability Group will help you to:

  • Create a sense of direction to move forward
  • Get motivation in a supportive community
  • Overcome procrastination and perfectionism
  • Prioritize next actions that drive you and your work forward
  • Finish your to do list every day
  • End each day feeling accomplished and productive
  • Get things done
Client of Wave Productivity for Accountability Group

“As a small business owner, I found myself getting overwhelmed in the details of running my business. Margo Crawford helped me get clear on my priorities and delegate more effectively so I can focus on revenue generating goals. She is a great coach and partner who will support you and hold you accountable.”
–Sarah Athanas, Founder of Groundwork

Choose from 3 Plans

The Pay What You
Can Plan

Daily slack check-ins to post your most important and prioritized work

Encouragement from a community of like-minded individuals

Focused group work sessions via zoom

Worksheets to track your daily actions and success

Motivation, excitement and success along with…

The support you need to get work done

The Support Plan–
$25 per month

The Pay What You Can Plan and Bonus

Email support for your productivity challenges

Together Plan–
$55 per month

The Pay What You Can Plan plus

The Support Plan and Bonus

20 minute Laser Coaching once a month

Productivity Coaching client and accountability group

I’d love to be so incredibly motivated and productive that I can crank out work, clean the house, write a book, knit an afghan and master the stupid F chord on a guitar all before I clock out at reasonable hour and whip up a ridiculously healthy dinner with that kale I keep buying and ignoring in the fridge. But, well, Wordscapes.

So, instead, I joined an accountability group called Get on Track Together. And I’m way more productive in our daily work sessions than I am when I’m left to my own devices. We also do daily check-ins on Slack, and our coach, Margo Crawford, gives me advice that has changed the way I work. More than anything, though, it’s that sense of being accountable to other people that makes me push on through when my productivity tanks. This is the best thing I’ve done yet to keep me going in our post-Covid work-at-home world.
–Jessica Kerrigan, Founder at RESON8