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Partnering With The Community-New Pathways for Youth

New Pathways for Youth Gets More Productive

This quarter Wave Productivity is partnering with New Pathways for Youth. The mission for New Pathways for Youth (NPFY) and Wave Productivity is similar, to help people live a better life. NPFY asked that we provide the staff with The GO System training. Why The GO Systems training? Because it’s a comprehensive way to get productivity techniques to a wide range of people.

The Get Organized System

The GO System Training is a practical and thought-provoking group training that improves workplace productivity. The three hour course teaches easy-to-learn ideas and techniques to people who are seeking to improve their lives. It is focused on helping people do things more effectively, efficiently and enjoyably. The training provides participants with solutions that significantly improve workplace issues such as prioritizing, time management, and effectively managing projects.

When I first met with Christy McClendon, CEO and President of NPFY, she wanted all of the NPFY staff to learn ways to be more productive, organized, and focused. She asked that I facilitate The GO System training. It’s important that the staff be productive because when they are, they can help more children.

NPFY strives to empower youth to fulfill their potential by matching children and teens with a mentor. They believe, there are no bad kids, there are just bad choices. Mentoring gives the children they serve the opportunity to expand their possibilities. Mentors create strong solid relationships with the children and teens allowing them to create a positive impact on their community. Here are success stories from their programs:

Malik, at 15, came to Program Exceed seeking a mentor to help him with improving his grades, graduating from high school and going to college. Enter Hunter, mentor with a mission: to help Malik succeed. At first, Malik was very closed off from the experience and would not engage with others. However, with a bit of coaching from Hunter, we are happy to report that Malik is a whole new kid! He is more socially involved – not just with his mentor, but with his entire school. Hunter enjoys hearing from Malik nearly every day. His mother reports that their communication has improved as well. The biggest change Hunter has seen in Malik is that he Smiles! What a positive sign!

Seth was 5 years old when his mom turned to drugs and left him and his younger brother in the care of Seth’s grandmother. Around that time, Seth was diagnosed with a blood disorder. Medical treatment and prescriptions weighed heavily on the family and they were forced to transition to a local homeless shelter. In 2011, Seth was matched with Joel and has made such an improvement. Seth and Joel try new experiences including creating a comparison list of every pizza slice in the Valley. Seth looks forward to his visits with Joel every week and Seth’s grandmother is truly grateful for everything Joel has done. 

 When the staff at NPFY can leverage their work and be more effective, they are able to change the lives of children and their mentors. Several staff took the training and had follow up time to work with me on specific issues at their desk. They learned about how they work, what they can do to stay productive and complete tasks with ease. The staff has been implementing what they learned in the training and finding their own personal ways to customize The GO System Training for their work and desks.

During the times that I’ve worked on-site at NPFY, there have been children playing, smiling and laughing. One of the best parts of my job is making changes at someone’s desk, so that their work is more enjoyable. That’s when I see the smiles and laughter from the staff, and it’s wonderful.



Margo Crawford is a Productivity Coach and Professional Organizer, with Wave Productivity. She works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals to help them get more focused, organized and productive in their workplace. If you would like to schedule a GO Systems training for you and your staff, call 602-677-8275 or email [email protected]