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Take My Advice…

Have you ever heard the expression “Take my advice ‘cause I don’t use it?”

A while back in a conversation with a business owner he discussed having fun at work. As he assessed the day, he gave himself points for his own internal scoreboard. Asking him how many points he had the day before, he answered, “Zero!” And the day before that? “Zero again!”

My response was, “Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself points for not what happened but how you reacted to it.” That can be a tale-tell sign of a good day, not just your actions but also your internal reactions.

At a recent event, I received lots of praise from those who attended. Yet, when it was all done I thought about all the things that didn’t go well. In fact, these thoughts took me well into the wee hours when sleep is what really needed to happen.

Do you hear “be gentle with yourself” then blow it off and beat yourself up? It happens. Do you give advice that you don’t take? The proverbial “take my advice, I don’t use it”?

Here’s a short list on ways to be kinder and gentler to yourself:

1. Be positive. Easy to say, I know. Each time you hear that negative voice or have a negative thought, clear it. Simply notice your thoughts and be aware of them and choose an alternative.

2. Forgive yourself. At the time you did the best you could with what you knew. Now you know something different. Learn from mistakes and make corrections in what you do, say, and how you handle the situation.

3. Eat healthy. When we feel low many of us turn to comfort (junk) food like ice cream, potato chips, and sugary sweets. We gorge ourselves unconsciously. Be conscious of healthy food choices. If you find yourself saying “I’m going for the bag of chips.” (reread the first tip)

4. Reward yourself. Let’s face it. You weren’t really awful; it just didn’t turn out as planned. Or maybe it was awful. (see #2) What are some ways that you can acknowledge the work that you have done?

5. Be mindful. Take time to relax, stay calm, and meditate. I’ve written about this in a prior blog. Here is the link.

These may not seem like tips for productivity but if you can’t approach your work in a positive way, you won’t be productive. You won’t have great days or even good days to reflect on. You won’t be motivated to work and feel good about what you do.

So, here’s my advice. I’m taking it and hope you do too–day by day.

And make sure you give yourself a point for reading this blog. Good on ya!

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