Taking Action With A Vision

Visualize Your Future

Vision boards can be an amazing way to visualize your future. It is a pictorial view of your goals and dreams. But there has to be some action around the pictures you paste up on your board or they become just that–pictures. A vision board is a visual starting point to where you want to be and go.  You have to be clear on the action you need to take to reach those dreams. What can you do with your vision board so you can be successful?

What is my next action? This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. What do you need to do to take this (whatever the picture is) forward. Write down what you would need to do to be successful. I’ve shared my vision board as the image for this blog. You’ll notice in the left hand side is a picture of someone running. My goal is to exercise at least once a week at the gym and to walk at least 5 miles per week with my dogs. The picture is there to remind me when I’m not exercising. It’s there to motivate me when I don’t want to jump up and down in my Zumba class or walk the dogs on a cold night. It reminds me that I have to get my sneakers on and get moving.


Imagine yourself doing, whatever the picture is.  Maybe you’re not sure what the next action to take is? Visualize yourself within the picture and what is on the board. In your visualization, think about how you got there. By taking the time for this visualization exercise you can become clearer on what you need or want to do. One of the first vision boards that I created had a picture of a map. It represented travel and vacations. One of my first actions was to create a savings plan for my vacation. Yes, it happened, it was a trip to Australia, a life-long dream of mine to spend time Down Under and a great place to go surfing.

Notice how you want to feel. In the last blog with guest blogger Selina Schuh she mentioned having a picture of Hawaii on her vision board and ended up in the Caribbean. It wasn’t where she was going on vacation but the feeling of relaxation. What feeling do you have or want to have when you look at the pictures on your vision board. 

Create a vision board of your own. I invite you to join me for a vision board workshop: Up the Clarity and Productivity for Your Business. This is a collaboration with Selina Schuh and Margo Crawford on Friday, April 29, 2016 from 2:00-4:00 pm at The Office Pile 2502 N. 7th Street, Phoenix. Only 8 seats are available for this exclusive event. Click here to sign up. 


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