IKEA products to upgrade your corporate office

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Products to Upgrade Your Office

Kallax could organize all your office supplies and books. No, it’s not the latest app, it’s a shelving unit from IKEA. If you’re familiar with their Expedit line, Kallax is the newer, sleeker, adaptation. There are several inserts from a modern looking plastic to a more natural weaved basket you can add to hold smaller items on the shelving unit.






Expedit is out Kallax is in

Improvements also came to IKEA’s popular Billy Bookcases. The shelving will hold more weight. Which in my opinion was a big issue. No one wants bowed shelving under the weight of your favorite books. Another minor adjustment that makes a big difference is the addition of more peg holes. This allows you more flexibility with the shelving and spacing. Here’s a picture of the Billy bookcase in blue, for a wonderful pop of color in your office.






Billy Bookcase in Blue


Not sure if it’ll fit? There is a great app that IKEA has created. It will project an image of the piece you are looking to fit to see if it’s the perfect piece. Download the app on your mobile phone or tablet, pull the Augmented Reality Mode from the app, place the catalog where you want the furniture to go, take a picture and the app places the piece of furniture within the picture. You see then see furniture in your space on your phone or tablet. Cool right?!






Cool virtual reality app

Time is precious. Don’t want the hassle of putting it all together? IKEA has installation services. Don’t want to shop and pack it all up in the car? IKEA has business services where they will pull the inventory off the shelves and deliver it right to your office door. Not even sure where to start, shoot me an email or let’s talk by phone. There are tons of options for you to free up time and space.






Delivered right to your door

It was through the local Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO AZ) where I was able to take tour of IKEA Tempe. As always IKEA has some great pieces that could get everything in its place in your office. A big thank you goes out to Becky and Matt of IKEA who made our NAPO AZ experience a great one.







Here’s Matt in the Marketplace pointing to his favorite storage piece the Algot

One of the fun things about this tour was the ability to tweet the experience in real time on Twitter. Twitter is one of the places I post tips, ideas, and great articles on getting more productive. You can join me there at @waveproductivit –that’s waveproductivity without the y.



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