What’s On My Nightstand? A Productivity Book List

Many of you know, I’m an avid reader. Sometimes a few books a week, sometimes for a second time. In this blog I wanted to share a few business books I’ve read recently that you might enjoy.

The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey-Stunt writing at it’s finest as the author takes a year off to try all kinds of productivity techniques. Nothing new here in terms of techniques but a fun way to dispense old ideas in a new way.

Stop Organizing Start Producing by Casey Moore-Casey introduces the Productivity Chain, a model of 12 links that allow you to be productive. Weak links address challenges you may have and ways to compensate and make changes. Strong links help you capitalize on what you do well. An awesome read!

God Goes To Work by Tom Zender-Tom writes about bringing spirituality into corporate America. An interesting read with many good examples of what he calls ‘spiritual transactions’ in the workplace.

Scale Up by Verne Harnish-Fantastic worksheets that marry finances, goals and growth in your business. The book is chock full of information but chopped up in dialog boxes and breaks in the story that make it difficult to read.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert-This book taps into the fear people have around creating art, music, writing. Great info for someone who needs a kick in the pants to get going on a creative endeavor.

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