Team Building and work that matters most

Work That Matters Most

Making Time for Important Work

Just listened to an interesting Harvard Business Review podcast with Julian Berkhow and Jordan Cohen called Making Time for the Work that Matters Most.

In a study, Cohen and Berkhow asked executives to create a list of activities that would greatly affect the organization or the department they worked in. They then asked them drop meetings or outbound work to other people. This allowed them free time to work on the activities on their list.

How To Get Your Most Important Work Done

Three important things that came out of the study. First, they found organizations were set up to pull together teams to produce a lot of work but doing so required a ton of communication and technology. The coordination and communication of these teams ate into the work they could be producing.

Second, the study found that organizations had goals and ways to improve the quality of work for a team but not for the individuals of that team.

Third, those participating increased team work and sales.  The executives participating felt more fulfilled and successful with their work.

What would be on your list to drive your success or the success of the organization?

What could you take off your calendar?

What work could you delegate?


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