Margo Crawford Productivity Coach and Productivity Speaker Trainer

You Are Not Too Old

“You are not too old
and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out
its own secret.”

― Rilke

Let’s celebrate! I have a big birthday coming up-that means it’s a number with a 5 or a 0 at the end.

To celebrate I’ve taken a trip to Africa-to surf, to learn and to push myself to do something new and exciting.

You know, it’s never to late to…

start a new habit

try a new technique

change your mind

forgive someone

learn something new

share what you’ve learned

apologize for mistakes

love again

make friends

be happy

cut clutter


get creative

show gratitude

be better

be kind


make someone smile

try again


dare to dream

be kind

The best birthday gift I could receive is that you go out and do something kind for someone else. Celebrate with kindness.

Live your best life. You are not too old and it is not too late!



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