It’s the end of Productivity Week!

Friday marks the end of Productivity Week. Did you know it was even happening? It’s not a ticker tape, confetti and balloons celebration. Monday may have started with the daily grind. So as Productivity Week comes to a close consider these tips to try to make next week even better.



“Can you read my mind?!?”

“No, but it is very common and I see it all the time.”

This snippet of a conversation happens more often than I imagined during client sessions. No, I’m not a mind reader or a psychic but I want to share with you some predictions that I think will happen to you in 2018.


Every year there is the clamor to get New Year's resolutions in place. Then there are the people who say resolutions don't work. Here's what I know about resolutions. 



During the holidays many of us reach out to local non-profits to give them support by volunteering our time or writing a check to support their cause.

Wave Productivity has a program called Partnering with the Community. Non-profits throughout the valley receive Productivity Coaching not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. This helps them to increase their focus, organization and productivity while they provide their valuable services throughout the year. 

What did we work on?


Talking with a client recently we discussed which plastic file folder would work best in their computer bag. They need something durable. I had several options-one had a slick, glossy finish and one with a slight grit to it to hold the papers in place better. The third file folder option was thick and very durable. Which one would you choose? You have lots of choices to make this holiday season. 

If you are looking for some great gifts that can give a boost to productivity, here are some of my most favorite go to items I use on a regular basis.