Productivity can come to a halt if your not using a good Contact Management System (CMS). Customers and colleagues fall through the cracks as you haphazardly stay in touch. Our guest blogger Ritsa Tsapkinaki, shares her knowledge and information on CMS.


Ever see the notification when you email box is empty? In Outlook it says “We didn’t find anything to show here.” There are no inbox numbers ticking up into the thousands. And no stress.

One of the most popular questions I receive in trainings is “What can I do about my email inbox? It’s overwhelming. There are too many emails. It’s a stress and it’s a mess." To help with that, here are five actions you can take and a bonus tip at the end.



Evernote is more than just a list tracker and lists are great to have. Having lists and the resources you need when you need them is key. Evernote can do just that. Here are some lists you can create so when you are on the go you have the information you need.

Perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand. When you procrastinate you may say:

“I need time to think this through before I get started”

“I’m not in the mood”

“I need to get organized before I start”

“I have other things to do first”

“Let me check off some easy things on my to do list before I do that big project”

“It’s better when I work under pressure”

Except when you don't. Then the overwhelm of procrastination and perfectionism begin to take over and you crack under pressure. Here are tips in breaking through procrastination and getting things done. 



 It’s the end of Productivity Week!

Friday marks the end of Productivity Week. Did you know it was even happening? It’s not a ticker tape, confetti and balloons celebration. Monday may have started with the daily grind. So as Productivity Week comes to a close consider these tips to try to make next week even better.