Whether it’s posting a photo of a recent real estate listing on Instagram or sharing information about an upcoming event on Facebook, most businesses today use some form of social media to promote their goods and services and stay in touch with customers.

Although it’s a useful tool for marketing, the lure of it can make even the most dedicated business owner lose valuable time in productivity. There are ways, however, of maintaining a social media presence while staying productive. Here are five ways to do just that:



Email management is a universal task in today’s world, but when the inbox gets full, it can become overwhelming and stall productivity. Use these six tips for keeping pace with your inbox so you can live a more balanced, productive life.


Don’t Check It. Schedule It: Think of email like snail mail. Don’t check it constantly and react to every message streaming into your inbox. Set aside time to work on it two or three times a day when your energy is too low to take on larger projects.

In the past few weeks, I have hosted several training workshops and client sessions. During those sessions, both training participants and clients have asked some great productivity questions. Below are some of the most recent questions along with my answers-the A to your Q. 

Last week was an exciting week. The Tempe Chamber of Commerce held their annual Women in Business Conference and I was a finalist for their Business Woman of the Year Award.

It was a real honor to be nominated alongside such amazing women as Tracy Bullock, president of Bullock Training & Development, and Dawn Hocking, director of development for The Centers for Habilitation. They both do so much for their community and in their leadership roles within the Tempe Chamber. These women are my friends and colleagues. We’ve worked together on projects and have become close in the process. I rooted for them as much as I did for myself.

In addition to the nomination, I was a participant in the event as a facilitator, presenter, and mentor. I also hosted a booth for Wave Productivity. It was exciting to say the least. The day-of was a flurry of activity, nerves, and fun. And I knew going into it I needed to have strategies in place for getting back to business after the award ceremony was over.

Once upon a time, Jen Sincero was in a punk band called ‘Crotch.’ The struggle in the band was real, she said last week at a book signing at Changing Hands bookstore in Phoenix. “Back in those days, I couldn’t even by a cup of coffee,” she confessed.

As it turns out, though, she had much better success at writing. Her book ‘You are a Badass’ came out in 2013 and quickly shot to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. I was among those who made it a bestseller. Her book was a staple of my summer reading list that year. Friends and I devoured chapter after chapter. We did all the exercises. Then we’d get on the phone and talk about our experiences. Amazing things happened for us. It was cool and motivating, just like Jen Sincero.