How does Friday afternoon feel as the weekend awaits? Usually the answer is awesome! Recently I was asked the type of work I do with clients and what the outcome is. Great question! Here are some recent client issues and how we worked on them to create success. You can use these same techniques to feel more in control so that everyday feels like Friday.

With To Do Lists…Managing Tasks

My client felt scattered coming into work each day. Her entire to do list was in her head. Feeling overwhelmed and run down, she’d trudge through the day spending more than the allotted 8 hours at her desk. She was fed up, burned out and counting down the days until the weekend started.



Who? Nestled in Redwood, California is a private company founded by Stephan Pachikov called Evernote. Pachikov worked in optical character recognition(OCR) and handwriting recognition technology for the U.S. Postal Service and Lockheed Martin. Pachikov has a degree in fuzzy logic but there is lots of logic as to why Evernote is so great to use and there is nothing fuzzy about that.



Recently, I was interviewed for a podcast. Let me say, this was out of my comfort zone but I followed the lead of many of what my coaching clients do and jumped out of my comfort zone and into a new experience.

And when I say followed the lead of my coaching clients, it was actually one of my own coaching clients that was interviewing me! Food and health aficionado Zach Frank of Rebooted Body. Listen to Zach and I talk through the number one issue that affects most of my clients in his podcast called Bite Size Wellness.



Many people hire me to help them achieve more each day yet they’re frazzled and overwhelmed by the tasks already in front of them. When they come to me, they’re stressed out, working 60 to 70 hours a week. They can’t remember the last time they took a vacation. One attendee at a workshop I hosted recently simply froze and went numb when asked to write down a list of ideas and actions on her mind. It was just too much.



Whether it’s posting a photo of a recent real estate listing on Instagram or sharing information about an upcoming event on Facebook, most businesses today use some form of social media to promote their goods and services and stay in touch with customers.

Although it’s a useful tool for marketing, the lure of it can make even the most dedicated business owner lose valuable time in productivity. There are ways, however, of maintaining a social media presence while staying productive. Here are five ways to do just that: