Email is like snail mail. You’re not running to your mailbox every hour so why are you checking email all the time?  

Recently, I had a client who was frustrated about managing their email. How could they get through it all? How could they manage all the email coming at them? When asking how many were there on a daily basis, the answer was fifty or so. Okay, that’s not the worst I’ve seen. Totally doable. Here are some tips on ways you can manage your email inbox.

You may be still trying to finalize your goals. In our last blog, we discussed making your goals SMARTER. The SMART(ER) acronym is more commonly used when setting up goals. A less common acronym that can help you accomplish goals and keep you on track is CLEAR. You want to make your goals SMARTER and CLEAR.

CLEAR stands for Collaborative, Limited in scope and duration, Emotionally Connected, Appreciable-smaller actions, Reevaluated. Let’s take a deeper look.

At this point in the year, you may already have your goals complete. You may have even used the SMART acronym to help create them:





Time bound

You can take it further, as using SMART doesn't lend itself to helping you achieve your goals.

                                                                                                                                                              How do you get them SMART-ER?

Wave Productivity has an initiative called Partnering with the Community. This campaign allows for non-profits in the Phoenix area to receive productivity coaching and organizing. Non-profits can do better work for their community if their workplace is productive and organized.

I value being of service and am passionate about sharing productivity and organization with those who need it most. Bringing these two things together allows me to work in partnership with a variety of non-profits to provide productivity coaching and professional organizing. This year I was able to volunteer over 200+ hours to non-profits.

This year I volunteered with the following organizations: