Recently, I’ve worked with several clients on reshaping their office. They wanted to make sure the branding of their company worked throughout the office setting. Everything from a workbag to the walls reflected the colors of the company branding. Ensuring the client and their office looked and felt amazing. 

Thinking of adding color to your office? The Container Store has some great products for the pop of color you might need. 

Standing Desks-The Fad and the Facts

Standing desks continue to gain popularity as studies have shown that sitting at work can increase a general feeling of overall sluggishness, a higher risk in disease and if that isn’t enough an increase in mortality. 

The research on the effects of a standing desk are still in the works. Here are the pros of a standing desk.  Researchers have found there is an overall increase in:

  • Alertness and mood
  •   Weight loss (Hello! You can burn up to 320 calories by standing at your desk!)
  • Good cholesterol
  • Overall health

Some technology I can handle and sometimes I leave it to the experts. One support person I have in place is my technology guru-Peter Adams of Ping! Development. Whether someone just hacked into my blog post (did you get a blog from me in Polish a few months ago--yep, a hacker, that wasn't me) or there is a glitch, Peter is the guy I call for the tech issues that go beyond my tech knowledge. He wrote a great blog on productivity apps that work well for him. I wanted to pass along his great advice to you. 

--Margo Brown
   Productivity Coach and Professional Organizer


Five Productivity Apps That Save My Bacon

By Peter Adams

Ping! Development

These days, nobody leaves their house without their smart phone and technology drives everything. Personally, I rely on it to make sure I know what my plans are for the day and what I need to get done. Here are a few of the apps where I spend the most time.


I'm a bit of a news junkie, but I don't like have to go into five or six apps or twenty different Web sites to look at the news of the world, geek culture, or the latest alerts. I use Feedly to bring all my news feeds into one spot. They have a number of news feeds in their directory, but if you know the RSS feed address for anything, you can add it. From there, I can keep track of what's happening in the world and share the great stories with my friends or through my business social media pages. Which brings me to my next app..

A short video on organizing your space with bins from The Container Store.