An added bonus for our regular readers, this month is a longer blog with information on products, events and tips on how you can have a great vacation. 

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Our program in which we partner with a local Valley non-profit is well underway.  We have partnered with Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) to help Betty the kitty get adopted. Betty has been at the no kill shelter since August of 2014. She's a quiet cat that needs a quiet calm environment. She would love to be in a home where she is the only cat or with cats that are mature. Her eyes and fur are a soft butter cream color. She is poly-dactyl, she has extra toes on her paws. Not a kitten, Betty is 5 years old, purrfect for someone looking for a mature cat. 

So that you can get to know Betty, we helped her answer the questions asked of actors on Inside the Actor’s Studio. At the end of the Actor’s Studio, the host James Lipton asks every guest the following questions. It’s called the Pivot Questionnaire after Bernard Pivot who originally came up with this famous inquiry.


Lights glittered the stage and music boomed from large speakers. It wasn’t a rock concert-it was the ICON conference. Infusionsoft gathers great thought leaders and the community each year in Phoenix for their annual ICON conference.

Looking around the fully packed conference I immediately saw some people in the room I knew. In this blog I’ve asked them to share what they enjoyed about ICON and what they learned.


The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) meets each year to learn about the organizing and productivity industry. We all are so organized we walk into the conference in alphabetical order! Just kidding, we’re there to learn, network and have fun.


Each year at the NAPO Expo, vendors gather to show us their wares. Here are a few of my favorite products—

Local First Arizona members Giselle Aguiar of AZ Social Media Wiz, Margo Brown of Wave Productivity, Josephine Levy of New Horizons Senior Move Management and Jacqueline Destremps of Another Hand Advantage are partnering to produce classes to help solve all your social media marketing anxieties! Find out how you can become better equipped to organize and prioritize your time to implement successful social media strategies in your business.


Social Media and Productivity Boot Camp Schedule:


Margo Brown, a productivity coach, will be presenting a 3-session Productivity Boot Camp to help those folks who “can’t find time to do their social media marketing or blogging”.
Classes: 4/22, 4/29 and 5/6 @ 6:30 pm






Josephine, who took Giselle’s social media marketing course at Phoenix College and has a Masters in English, will be teaching a 2-session Blogging 4 Business class to help those folks who don’t consider themselves good enough writers to blog regularly to promote their businesses.
Classes: 6/3 and 6/10 @ 6:30 pm





Jacqueline, who specialized in Facebook advertising, will present Advertising on Facebook to help folks with strategies and techniques to effectively advertise on Facebook.
Class: 6/13 @ 9 – 11 am






All classes complement, Giselle’s Social Media Marketing Boot Camp where folks can learn everything they need to know to properly and effectively market their business on social media as well as strategic and tactical planning.

Not sure what you need? Check out other classes available at Social Media Marketing Classes & Boot Camp