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6 Myths About Goal Setting That Hold You Back

The New Year allows for a fresh start. A time of reflection and looking back and a time to look toward the future. It’s a powerful time of year. New Year’s resolutions and goals are always a hot topic. Myths about goals and resolutions get toss around. Here are some goals myths and tips on creating powerful goals.

Myth #1

I need a complete makeover-The New Year is time for dramatic change. Change your diet, your look, your exercise routine, lose weight, organize the house, have better work life balance. You are going to do it all. Choosing key areas in your life and ways to improve them.

Solution: Choose one or two key areas in your life and ways to improve them. Reflect on the ways that worked for you in the past. What are some ways you can incorporate what worked now?

Myth #2

Just say it-‘I’m not going to… (insert what you don’t want to do here) eat carbs, sit on the couch and binge watch tv, work all the time.

Solution: Say it in the positive. “I’m going to make healthy choices about the way I eat.” “I’m going to exercise 2 times a week and build from there.” “I’m going to relax on the weekends.” Each time you encounter a crossroad to your bad habit. State the positive outcome you want to have. Then make the choice.

Myth #3

Have one place for your goals. You don’t need to share it with the world. Keep it to yourself in case you fail.

Solution: Copy your goals and put them in places you’ll see them-on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Get creative, have a friend email them to you periodically. Tuck a copy in your wallet. Share them with people who will be supportive and care about your success.

Myth #4

Wing it, you don’t need goals. Why bother, you never reach them anyway. Let this be the year you chill out.

Solution: Have goals, you need a roadmap for your life’s ambitions. It may not be the map you follow to get there but have some sort of north star to what you want to happen in life.

Myth #5

Goal setting has to be done at the beginning of the year.

Solution: You can do goal setting at any time. If you don’t have goals for 2022, start now. It’s not ‘too late’.

Myth #6

You got this. You can do it all on your own.

Solution: My clients who do goals setting have always exceeded or come close to meeting their goals. It’s because they had support and consistent accountability. We measured, tracked planned and re worked their actions so they could find success. Get the support you need to make sure you reach your goals and ambitions.

Most importantly, don’t give up with frustration and shame, acknowledge all the steps you’ve taken to get to your goal. Think back on the times you were happy and how you got there, not the days of worry and sleepless nights. Start your year off fresh and on the right track. Set goals today. Your future self will thank you.

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