How to be Productive with Social Media

How to Stay Productive with Social Media

Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, there is so much to see, we begin to scroll and before you know it, you’ve forgotten that you were there to post about your own business. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole. Here are ways to stay productive with social media.

Plan It-Create a content calendar of what you will say, how you will say and a message that is clear. Be strategic in your marketing efforts. Without a plan, you’ll spend time wondering what to say and how to say it.

Get Focused-With a plan in place you can stay focused on your post. Scroll and surf another time. Say what you need to say, post it and get out. Be proactive and choose a time to post and respond to what is in your newsfeed. When you do, make sure it’s at a time when you have low energy. Don’t waste high energy on social media.

How To’s on YouTube-Recently I made a short video to help with my Search Engine Optimization. The slide deck was done but I needed to quickly add some music. YouTube is great for how to videos. It would have taken me hours to figure it out on my own. I watched a simple five minute video and got all the information I needed.

Limit Your Time-Set a timer to read and respond to posts. Be sure to work with a sense of urgency by commenting quickly and hitting the like button. You can make great headway with just 15 minutes. Once the timer goes off, you are done and onto your next action item on your to do list.

Use Your Tribe-Do you have raving fans that adore your work? Be sure to ask them to like, comment and share posts. Ask colleagues and friends to do the same. Find the people in your tribe and have them follow you and engage on social media.

Be Held Accountable-If you are updating your profile, working on making important changes be held accountable for your what you need to do.

Choose Wisely-Choose three main forms of social media and use them often. You may be on other platforms and don’t need to post as often. If you have too many platforms you are active on, it can be difficult to keep track. Then you become inconsistent or scattered in your messaging with too many platforms and too much to post.

Check for Breaks-Ugh! This happened to me recently with Instagram and it’s so frustrating. There was a problem with my social media scheduler. All of my posts were ready to go but weren’t getting pushed out by the scheduler. Check your social media scheduler, if you use one, make sure you don’t have a break in your technology.

Connect-Social media is about connection and be sure to go beyond the digital. Find a colleague or friend you haven’t connected with in a while and make a phone call or set up a meeting. Sitting down for a one to one meeting can build your network beyond the click of a button.

Use these tips and techniques so that you can use social media productively. That new YouTube video I mentioned, check it out.

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