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Local First Arizona Is Getting Productive

It’s a great match. This quarter Wave Productivity is working with Local First Arizona and their employees to get them focused, organized, and productive. Local First Arizona is a dynamic group of people who are passionate about Arizona and all it has to offer.  Wave Productivity is passionate about getting people more organized and productive in their offices. We both jumped at the chance to work together.

Local First Arizona educates consumers, stakeholders, business leaders, and policymakers about the significant economic, civic, and cultural benefits of strong local economies. LFA is continually working to promote, support, and celebrate a vibrant and sustainable Arizona economy by educating people about local business ownership, social equity, cultural diversity, environmental kinship, and collaboration.

My first introduction to Local First Arizona was an informational meeting at House of Tricks in Tempe. When I checked in with my name and what I do, Meg Williams, the Northern Arizona Director said, “Boy! We could use Productivity Coaching in the office!”

During the meeting, Kimber Lanning, the Founder and Executive Director spoke of why we need to celebrate Arizona and its unique benefits. How together we can work to build vibrant communities that make residents proud to call Arizona home. When people are proud of their hometown, they tend to care more, to volunteer more, to vote more, and give more. They even cheer a little louder when the home team wins!

Local First Arizona is a state wide organization so whether it’s a mixer in Tucson, partnering with local businesses in Flagstaff or rallying on the state house steps in Phoenix the Local First Arizona staff are busy. So when I met with Helene Tack, Program Development Director, it was no surprise the staff all wanted help with time management. “Everyone in the office needs help with how to manage their time better.” Wave Productivity is happy to help because we love teaching and transferring the skills needed for managing people’s time effectively.

With the many transformations we see with our clients, we are looking forward to the positive changes Local First Arizona and their staff have in store. It’s going to be a great quarter! Each quarter Margo chooses a non-profit to work with so they can be more productive and organized. This allows agencies to better serve the community. To learn more about Local First Arizona and how to be a localist, go to http://www.localfirstaz.com. What are the ways that you support local business and the community?

Margo Crawford is a Productivity Expert and Coach with Wave Productivity. She works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals to help them get more focused, organized and productive in their workplace. She serves Phoenix, Providence and Boston in person and coaches nationally by phone. If you would like to be more productive in your office call 602-677-8275 or email [email protected] for an appointment.