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Seven Fun Things To Do During Quarantine

Many states are beginning to lift their stay at home lockdowns. For some of us, we have a few weeks left. Here are some fun things to do during your time in quarantine.

Does it seem like everyone is making bread? Everyone is dropping their tips on yeast, sour dough and baking techniques. Get in on the fun and cook something new. Yeast and flour have been difficult to find at the grocery store. Try this website for the supplies you need to knead. This funny Youtube video gets you started with the basics.

If you are eating the bread, you may want to also do a little exercise. Carbs can extend the waistline if we aren’t careful. Walking around the neighborhood is great but for more cardio or strength try this video. Great visual ques and no talking from this instructor.

Instead of a short cool down to your exercise routine, add in some yoga. A great way to stretch after exercise. Yoga helps decrease the stress we all feel in the current crisis. My favorite is Yoga with Adrienne.

Que pasa? Learn a new language. Duolingo is a great app to help you learn over six languages. Pick the one you want to try out and have some interactive fun. Click here for info.

Your local library maybe closed but their online resources are open 24/7. Check out hoopla and libby from your library and get books, audio, movies and TV. All for free!

Connect-Now is the time to reach out to people you haven’t connected with in years. It’s the perfect excuse to check back in and say hi.

Sleep-Have you had trouble sleeping during the quarantine? With levels of stress and anxiety on the rise you may have had a sleepless night or two. This article addresses the issues with insomnia. Take time to replenish. Take a nap and rest.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out with work. Stepping away from it can greatly increase your productivity. Taking a break from work to relax can get your energy level high and your creative juices flowing.

Bonus—When you do get back to work. Try using the Wave Productivity Accountability Group called Get On Track Together. Learn more here

Get On Track Together Accountability Group – A step-by-step plan for working together:

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  • Finish your to do list every day
  • End each day feeling accomplished and productive

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Margo Crawford is a Productivity Coach with Wave Productivity. If you are struggling to stay focused, organized and productive at work during the COVID-19 outbreak, you are not alone. Margo works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals to help them get more focused, organized and productive in their workplace. Set up a consultation today.  Margo coaches by phone nationally. If you want to get more organized in your office call 602-677-8275 or email [email protected]