Accountability Group with Margo Crawford, Productivity Coach of Wave Productivity

Working Through The Quarantine

The Support You Need Now

Now more than ever you need to be clear on how you can pivot your business and create next steps as we begin to re-enter from the quarantine. Although some states are lifting the restrictions on leaving our homes, we may not be fully back to work in our offices. Work from home or work remotely may be the ‘new normal’. We all will need to work and do business in a different way.

You may still feel scattered and unsure of the work you need to do. Sometimes you might not be clear on what to work on and what will be most effective. It all feels so overwhelming. Everything has your attention; you can’t focus and get anything done. There is so much work to be done right now. Big changes and challenges require big thinking, you’re just not sure what to do next. Work feels out of control and you’re not sure how to pull it together.

In times of change we need support and guidance. In an effort to help I’ve launched Get On Track Together. It’s an accountability program that gives you the support you need to keep going throughout the day. Get your work done with the guidance of a Productivity Coach and a supportive group of colleagues. It’s the support you need to get focused, organized and productive.

Through June 30, you can choose the pay what you can plan, knowing that COVID has affected not only the health of people we know but also our economic well-being. You can get the support you need to make it through. We have all experienced grace and goodwill over the past few weeks. Scrambling to work in a home environment while handling everything that needs to happen has been difficult for many of us. We all need to Get On Track Together. Learn more here

On Track Accountability – A step-by-step plan for working together:

  • Create a sense of direction to move forward
  • Get motivation in a supportive community
  • Overcome procrastination and perfectionism
  • Prioritize next actions that drive you and your work forward
  • Finish your to do list every day
  • End each day feeling accomplished and productive

Support you’ll receive:

  • Daily check-ins on Slack
  • Focused group worktime via Zoom
  • 1-on-1 email support for any challenges with Margo Crawford, Productivity Coach
  • An accountability tracking sheet to monitor your success
  • Webinars on best practices for taking action and getting things done

Sign up here to join Get On Track Together Accountability. Get the support you need and have successful days getting things done.

Margo Crawford is a Productivity Coach with Wave Productivity. If you are struggling to stay focused, organized and productive at work during the COVID-19 outbreak, you are not alone. Margo works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals to help them get more focused, organized and productive in their workplace. Set up a consultation today.  Margo coaches by phone nationally. If you want to get more organized in your office call 602-677-8275 or email [email protected]