Prepare for a Productive Day with Margo Crawford, Productivity Coach

How To Prepare for a Productive Workday

You’ve seen it in movies and on the beach. There are surfers on the shore, just watching the waves. They scan the horizon and watch the shore break. Before a surfer hits the water they have to assess the conditions. What’s going on with the waves? Is there a lull? Is there a rip tide? Where’s the break? Is it going to be a good day out there?

While working from home isn’t like the trip to the beach. Just like a surfer, you have to assess what’s coming at you-your work, deadlines and even interruptions. Use this checklist to assess your day to make sure it’s a productive one.

Get Your Day Started Right

Check your Calendar. Scan your calendar to get a feel for the flow of your day. Map it out if you need to and look for lulls. During these lulls you can strategically fill them in with smaller tasks.

Organize. When you hit your desk are you ready to go? Or are you pushing the pile of papers from yesterday’s project off your desktop? At a first glance, check to make sure our workspace is organized. Put away the papers or check your computer desktop and organize your work.

Prioritize your Day. For the Get On Track Together Accountability Group the first task of the day is to choose three tasks, just three tasks, to focus on for the day. We announce to the group what we are working on. And you guessed it, everyone is held accountable to get it done.

Plan for Deep Think. Don’t waste your best energy on email. Use it for big projects and strategic planning. One client I have calls it Deep Think. Setting aside an hour or more to think through big picture planning or project execution. This time can help move you in the direction of your goals and opportunities.

Check email. No, not all throughout the day. Be mindful and pick two or three times to check email each day. Email management is a mid to low energy task. Get into your email inbox after you’ve worked on large projects or after meetings.

Take a break. Plan your breaks throughout the day. If you’ve scanned your calendar for gaps of time be sure to tack on a few breaks. Giving yourself some time to step away from the computer and give your mind a rest. Doing this allows for a chance to get refreshed. Taking breaks gets you more energized instead of slogging through the day.

Just like a surfer on the beach assessing the waves, you to can assess what’s coming at you. Ride the wave of productivity, focus and organization in your workday. Enjoy the waves.

Margo Crawford is a Productivity Coach with Wave Productivity. She works with entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals to help them get more focused, organized and productive in their workplace. She by phone nationally. Set up your consultation today.