Reflection on quarantine to be productive, focused and organized.

Reflection Before Re-Entry

There have been several conversations and even some articles that have started the discussion of reentry into the workplace and life in general. Before we start talking about what life will be like once the world opens back up, some reflection on what just happened is important too. Often, I’ve seen business owners and professionals skate over the hard work that just happened. They also bypass the celebration, reflection and reward to move onto the next thing without stopping to think through the past year.

Here are some questions to consider:

What did you get stuck on at the beginning of the pandemic that feels like a breeze now?

What were you able to conquer?

What did you embrace in lockdown?

What have you let go of that no longer serves you?

What surprised you during the pandemic?

What are you most proud of doing over the past year?

What did you manage well while in quarantine?

What did you learn?

What would you do differently? How can you start that in the next few weeks?

What are you struggling with now? How can you get help?

What feels overwhelming? What can you do now to overcome overwhelm?

What will you do to reward and celebrate in your success?

Reflecting on the past year can show how resilient we are. In difficult times that we’ve managed through it can show us the way when other difficult times arise. Learning and growth are all part of the process to becoming better.

Until you are able to get the vaccine. Be well and stay safe.

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